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Proposed 2016-2017 SPLOST IV Building School, Organization Attendance Zone Adjustments And Bond Financing

Here’s an important document about SPLOST IV building, potential attendance zone line changes and bond financing. The board was just presented with this on Tuesday, 11/27/2012. I’m still reviewing it.

.pdf link iconProposed 2016-2017 School Organization Attendance Zone Adjustments And Bond Financing

.pdf link icon details for elementary schools Attendance Area Changes, Proposed Organization, November 27, 2012

.pdf link icon Details for Middle and High Schools Attendance Area Changes, Proposed Organization, Nov 27, 2012

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  1. I have reviewed somewhat quickly the documents. I do have a question about dates, etc. While not in your district, it appears that there are inconsistencies in the document. For example, on page 7, the report indicates that the move of Idlewood constituents out of the Tucker and into the St. Mtn. Cluster would occur in 2018-19 school year. However, on page 19 documentation and throughout the end of the report, it is referenced that this move will occur in the 2016-17 school year. Can you please get clarification for this move date. I suspect that this change is inevitable, but what is occurring is a move of a fairly transient elementary population from a more stable MS/HS cluster, into a continued unstable cluster. The lack of consistency in the document is a problem for constituents as they work to make personal plans to sell homes and leave the district. Thank you.

  2. […] miss the small, but critical details. As they say, “The Devil is in the details.” Go to Nancy Jester’s website to read the document and download […]

  3. I am appalled at the way this is being handled.

  4. Why are you overcrowding the schools. I think 6th graders shouldn’t attend school with high school teenagers. I is like you crowding students into schools and classroom making it impossible to learn. If you going to increase the classes and schools size, then you should look at making these school more campus friendly. Have this really be thought thoroughly on how this move would affect the 6 graders coming from elementary to a large high school. Also, have enough time been given to parents who may want to rethink public schools and give them alp time to look into private schools. This is too much to digest and may cause complication in students.

  5. Nancy,
    Here is a short list of some of the information parents need ASAP in order to provide informed, constructive feedback on the proposed organization.

    -We need to see the 5-year enrollment forecast for each school
    -We need to see each SPLOST IV project code number defined with amount attached
    -We need to see a Proposed Organization SY 2016-2017 (tabs #3 & #12) that makes sense
    -We need to know why the cost of the bonds increased $700K in a week from the Nov. 28 proposal
    -Why did the assumptions on pdf pg. #66 change from the Nov. 28 proposal?
    -Why is the order of projects under the bond-basis different in tabs 5 & 9?
    -A new charter school is projected to be open in 2016. Can we have more information about that? It is not on the SPLOST IV list.
    – A YMCA is shown to be opening. Why is the school system opening a YMCA? Where will it be? Can we have more information about that?

  6. Hi. It disturbs me greatly that Cary Reynolds Elementary, a 50+ year old building that is way over capacity, is not slated for anything really. They have over 10 trailers that have been there for over 10+ years! Why is this school being ignored again? Thanks Nancy for getting me an answer.

  7. Doraville Dude – Excellent question!!
    It occurred to me that the plan for SPLOST IV has little to do with the children. You’ll notice that the money is divided evenly among the adults and communities.

    Facility Report
    Page 94 of the facilities report rates the schools. Capacity and enrollment are not a consideration. The DCSD administration used this report to determine how the money in the community was spent. Therefore, we have communities where schools are at 50% capacity getting a new school. You’ll see that Cary Reynolds school’s rating isn’t as low as others in the community.

  8. Thank you Doraville Dude for linking the comprehensive Facility Report.

    It is interesting that in 2011 Tucker Middle School had a capacity of 1, 047 and in 2012 it has a capacity of 1,299.

  9. I am sorry.

    Thank you Dekalb Inside Out for linking the comprehensive facility report.

  10. Thanks Dekalb Inside Out. What planet are these people from?!?! There is absolutely no logic whatsoever in that. Capacity should be tops on any consideration for a new/larger facility. I’m so sick of hard earned tax dollars going to satisfy politics instead of being utilized for the intended purpose! DeKalb deserves every bit of scrutiny it’s receiving!

  11. Hi Nancy. I never saw an answer to my earlier posted question regarding Cary Reynolds. Could you please address this for me? Your reply will be greatly appreciated.

  12. I’ve been told that enrollment and capacity did go into the decision making. Given this enrollment and capacity report that is not apparent.

    The list of projects and their priorities are put together by Dan Drake and his team. The relationship between he and Orson are apparent in this correspondence between them. I think Marshal Orson and Dan Drake are in a better position to answer your question.

  13. Thanks for that information Dekalb Inside Out. I am asking Nancy specifically because she’s my elected representative. Thanks!

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