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DeKalb Teacher Contracts

Hey Nancy,

Dekalb County School System (DCSS) sent out teacher contracts on Monday, April 30, 2012 to some of our teachers and administrators.  In the contract, the teachers were told they were being offered their current jobs with a pay decrease of 6.25 %.  I realize this probably does not sound too bad to some, however this is yet another devastating blow to our teachers and their morale.  The teachers are the ones who are on the front lines of education.  They are the ones who help inspire our children to be their best.  They are the ones who help mold children’s minds.  They are the ones who have been saddled with the responsibility of educating our future generations. Yet our leaders in DCSS continue to undermine their efforts by another salary cut.  (more … )

What’s up with that?

Susan via The Aha Connection

  1. The Superintendent has stated that she does not intend to ask the Board for a pay cut. Click here to view an AJC article about the error in the contract letter to teachers.

    Please also know that the Board has yet to receive a proposed budget from the Superintendent. I expect to get this near mid-May. The Superintendent has employed a modified zero-based budget (ZBB) approach to the 2012-13 SY budget (7/1/12-6/30/13). This approach is something I spoke about when I ran for the Board so I am pleased that we are now using this methodology. Many components of a public entities’ budgets are simply carried forward without determining their continued relevance or effectiveness. For DCSD some programs have been carried forward even though the state, which might have first mandated them, has long since cut off funding. So, with ZBB and the hiring of a new CFO (4/30/12), the budget planning process has taken additional time.

    Once the budget receives approval from the full Board, it is my understanding that teachers will receive updated communications regarding their salary. Please know that this lag frustrates me too. I share your concerns. I will continue to monitor this issue, ask questions and keep you informed of what I learn. As a mom with three young children, who will all be in DeKalb schools next year (finally my youngest will be in Kindergarten!), I continue to be grateful to the teachers in this district. My two oldest (3rd and 1st grade) have been the beneficiaries of the tremendous dedication and effort that teachers provide everyday. My gratitude to the teachers is beyond measure.

    On a side note: The two largest components of our funding are property taxes and state education allotments. We have not received confirmation of the value of either of those revenues. The budget cycle for school districts and revenue determinations are not in sync. Given the economic realities, this dissonance makes the budgeting process very precarious. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could make the component variables align?!

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  1. I am a DeKalb County teacher as well as a taxpayer in DeKalb County. As you well know, I am being hit with the school board’s financial shortfall from both sides. I received a $4000.00 decrease in pay along with 6 proposed furlough days as well as a proposed tax increase. This does not even include the rising health benefit costs.

    I would like to know how the 6.25% pay cuts have impacted the superintendent, her cabinet, and the central office staff. Are they sharing in the financial burden?

    We are being ask to do more and more and respected less and less. For teacher appreciation the superintendent’s office sent us a certificate, an apple, and a cookie. We needed paper and ink.

    It is very sad to think that not only have teachers not received a pay raise in 5 years but actually we have received a pay cut. We work very hard to support our schools, students, and community. I would like to know how the cuts are being shared with those higher up.

  2. The Board finally approved a budget FY2013 last Thursday. (It passed on a 5/4 vote – I voted against it.) The budget did not include a pay decrease (as a straight percentage) for teachers. So, as the Superintendent tried to communicate after the contracts were sent out, the 6.25% decrease was an error.

    The budget did include 2 additional furlough days. Furlough days are taken by every employee; including the administrative staff at the central office and their pay is adjusted accordingly.

    Please know that I share your concern about budget and compensation issues.

  3. Hi Nancy:
    I just found out today that I would be a “diplaced” teacher from my elementary school.
    I am a Dunwoody resident, parent, taxpayer and volunteer and am devestated that Dekalb is proposing to eliminate 250 teaching positions at the meeting Thursday, July 11.
    I signed a contract at the end of APril and was told I would “DEFIBITELY” have a job for this upcoming year so don’t worry. So I haven’t worried up until this afternoon when I got the phone call! 4 teachers at my school were displaced.
    This is absolutely horrible and DUnwoody area parents are not going to be happy when they see their child’s class has 35 students in it this upcoming year.
    The county is putting teachers in a very delicate situation 4 four weeks before school starts to make this “adjustment”

    There is nothing up wth that, it’s just plain WRONG!

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