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Is DeKalb Dropping German

Hey Nancy,

Is DCSD seriously considering dropping German from the high schools?  Apparently no German (or Latin) teacher received a contract and is “on hold” until May 11th.  What about the kids who have already completed 2 years and need a third to meet their diploma requirements?

What’s up with that?


  1. “The DeKalb County School District is pleased to have a German Education
    program. The positive effect on intellectual growth which enriches and
    enhances a child’s mental development alone will open doors to other
    cultures and help children understand and appreciate cultural diversity.
    It is the DeKalb County School District’s intention to keep the German
    Education program. Through the zero based budgeting process, several
    categories of positions were considered as overstaffed. As we are
    balancing the budget with the staff necessary to serve students’ needs,
    several educators received a delay notification. Please note that this
    delay notification is not synonymous with a non-renewal notification.
    This is simply a request for additional time to balance allotments based
    upon student needs. It is our intent to forward a contract to all
    teachers who are within the District allotment of positions on or before
    May 15, 2012.

    Thank you.”

    Cheryl L. H. Atkinson, Ed.D.

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